Could it be an Allergy? - Feels Like Bug Bites

This section discusses how to determine if it is an allergic reaction and what substances have caused the "feels like bug bites" sensation. Your body is a biochemical living organism, no two people are alike. What may be perfectly acceptable to one person may cause a strong allergic reaction to others. You've heard about people who are hypersensitive to peanuts or shellfish and have life threatening allegric reactions, well some allergies manifest themselves with symptoms of "feeling like invisible bugs biting". Wouldn't it be nice to find out that all you have to do is stop eating a certain food or change your laundry detergent and the biting goes away?


I had a minor allergic reactions to soaps that made me feel like bugs were biting. Who would of thought that something so common and so "safe" that everyone uses could cause these symptoms? If you are the only one in your household that has the symptoms of "bugs biting" then it's time to figure out what is causing it.

The toughest part is determining what is causing the symptoms if it is an allergy. How do you know? Does the feeling get stronger after certain events like washing your hands or eating something? Does it occur stronger at a certain time of day? One problem with allergies is that they may manifest themselves a "while" after contact and not immediately. Keep a diary of when the symptoms occur and what you have been eating and doing. Hopefully a pattern appears that can point out a common occurence that could identify if it is an allergic reaction.

As you can see, from the examples shown on this page, that people can be allergic to a number of surprising things! Testing for an allergy is just one step closer to getting rid of the feeling that bugs are biting you.


We found out I was allergic to cipro an antibiotic. It was all over my body. It was awful. Couldn't sleep it drove me crazy. I also had this reaction when I took lortab and swore I did have spiders on me. Me and some medications do not do well together.


I finally figured out that I was allergic to garlic and onions. I have eliminated them from my diet and I am fine now!!! What a relief!!!

I was allergic to GARLIC. these guys post said they were allergic to wine and garlic respectively. I dont drink wine, but i did use garlic while cooking. i have COMPLETELY ELIMINATED it from my diet and i can say they are at least 90% gone.

Dry Fruit and Peanuts

Guys i had same problem just later found it is allergy due to eating excess dry fuit almond or pea nuts. It only get worse when u sleep and metabolism start.

Testing for Allergies

If you are plagued by the feeling of bugs biting you, visit an allergist and be tested. This website describes 3 common methods of allergy testing. Here's an example of one allergy test where they scratch your back with different known samples that may cause an allergic reaction. Within a short period (about an hour), if you are allergic, then a reaction will appear.

What if it is an allergy that is out of control and causing the bug biting feeling? Well, you could take an over the counter anti-histamine and see if the feeling goes away! Quite a few allergies pump up the histamines in your blood which cause the itchiness feeling. Just realize that anti-histamines don't work immediately, they take up to an hour to take affect. There are many anti-histamine/anti-allergy medicines available.

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