House Cleaning - Feels Like Bug Bites

At this point, you've been cleaning your house routinely and it hasn't helped as you still have the bugs biting. This webpage looks at areas of your house that you may not of thought of that could have problems.


I remembered that I had gotten allergy tested in the past and was allergic to dust and dust mites AND the day before this started, I cleaned out the fan I used in my bedroom. I had wiped it clean and blown through the fan, releasing big clumps of dust that had built up in the fan over the years I had used it (not smart). When I turned on the fan again, clumps of that dust blew everywhere. I gathered them up and vaccuumed when it happened but I guess that wasn't enough.

Remembering all of this had taken place the day before the itchy crawly skin started, I decided to unplug the fan and put it away. The next morning, I woke up and didn't feel any crawling on my skin and now I'm fine! So just try to figure out what you're allergic to, go to an allergist even and get allergy tested, and then get rid of any sources of that allergen in your living space. I guess being exposed to whatever you're allergic to causes that feeling of invisible bugs crawling on your skin. Who knew!


House plants, cold water vaporizers, humidifiers, and dirty air vents can be sources of airborne mold spores, mildews, and bacteria that could cause skin reactions that feel like invisible bugs biting on your skin consistently. I went home and for some reason decided to check my humidifier that is on every night in my room that me my fiance and daughter share. What do you know, it was infested with mold (like 3 inches thick).

We didn't know about changing the filters so we have this humidifier on every night from bedtime until we wake up blowing these bacterial mold spores on us infested us and our room.

Air Conditioners

It can also be in your air conditioner which was my next filter that I changed that had mold but not as bad or in your house (water leak). It all made sense now! My boys were not exposed to my room so they didn't have any symptoms but we did because it was directly on us throught the night and only building and getting worse (I now feel like I have respiratory problems due to this and only time will tell with my daughter.


My apt has huge humidity problems, im thinking it may be a fungus, or a parasaite / bug that feeds on the fungus being developed in my house. Check your dehumidifier!

Hepa Filter

Vacuuming with a high powered shop vac or true hepa vac. Consider changing the filter on your furnace to a hepa filter but be aware that your furnace efficiency will go drastically down if it was not made for a hepa filter.

Carpet Steam Cleaner

If you have carpets or even if you don't, rent a professional true carpet steam cleaner that generates steam and not just one where you add hot water to it. Otherwise add the hottest water possible but not so hot that it will damage the steamer. There are professional services that will steam clean your carpet for you also.

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