Cures and Relief - Feels Like Bug Bites

Cures and Relief

This section documents the cures and relief that others, like yourself, have found. It is important to realize that everyone is unique and not all solutions presented here will work for you. You will have to systematically test and determine which are appropriate for you.

I strongly caution you when using chemicals and I suggest that you try only after you've tried the less potentially harmful methods listed previously. You are a biochemical being, exposing yourself to chemicals that are meant to kill other living things is dangerous. If you do it repeatibly over a long period of time, you risk serious chemical poisoning that may damage your brain, lungs and body, and actually make the situation worse.

Supplements/Diet - this section looks at supplements and diet that can help reduce and stop the feeling of being bitten by invisible bugs.

Laundry - this webpage discusses laundry methods that others have used to clean their clothes and bedding.

House Cleaning - At this point, you've been cleaning your house routinely and it hasn't helped as you still have the bugs biting. This webpage looks at areas of your house that you may not of thought of that could have problems.

Other Remedies - this section presents alternative solutions that you may not of thought of for relief and a cure.

Chemicals - This section discusses the many dangerous chemicals (pesticides/insecticides/lotions) that can be used to kill a bug that is biting you.

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