Diet and Supplements - Feels Like Bug Bites

Diet and Supplements

This section looks at supplements and diet that can help reduce and stop the feeling of being bitten by invisible bugs.

Overdose Vitamin

- My symptoms have now disappeared!! I realized that they began after a few days of taking a new multivitamin I bought at a health food store. It had a huge amount of the B vitatmins. I googled the effects of having too much and found that Niacin (B3) can make you feel itchy, and dizzy, which I had noticed also. I sooo hoped that if I stopped taking the vitamin, that creepy bug feeling would stop AND it did stop!!

- After deducting and trying different things- flea bombing, anit itch meds and lotions, benedryl, etc,- my mom happened to ask if the Estroblend (Estroven in the vitamin section) had niacin in it. I checked and it did!, among other herbs that I had never tried before. I have tried taking niacin before and had a bad reaction as far as flushed red terribly itchy spots. So, I eliminated the Estroblend this past Saturday night, and slept!! no bug feeling and itch!!! I am so pleased, so please check the ingredients on vits, herbs, etc that you are taking. It could very well be a side-effect of something you are ingesting.


I've cut out sugar completely from my diet and cut down on carbs changed to brown rice and eat lots of raw veg. I start my day with half an organic lemon with warm water then 20mins later I take my probiotic and when i get to work I have a greek yogurt low fat with flaxseed and berries. that should put enough of the good guys back in your gut. Now you need some candida natural killers.

(Coconut oil, Manuka honey) I've named these 2 cos thats the 2 i use but there are plenty more. I put the coconut oil on a slice of toast with the manuka honey this stuff tastes great and is a natural bacteria killer only -ve is that its not cheap. My skin now feels great my brain fog is gone and even my tongue which used to have a whitish coat on it is starting to clear.

Try and stay away from fruit juice and cola as they contain lots of sugar and that feeds the candida. Trust me if you change your diet this will go away. Your immune system is key. Your aim is to kill the bad bacteria in your gut and put in lots of the good guys.

Why we should eat no sugar to resolve this: Sugar affects the immune system in a variety of ways, and none of them are good. Sugar has been proven to destroy the germ-killing ability of white blood cells for up to five hours after ingestion, as well as reducing the production of antibodies that inactivate foreign invaders in the body. It also interferes with the transport of vitamin C, one of the most important nutrients for all facets of immune function.


Probiotics every morning on an empty stomach, 30 mins before breakfast will restore your good bacteria in your stomach and fight the candida. take your multi vitamins and omega 3. cut out sugar and dairy for a few weeks

-Saurkraut has probiotics in it..and it will kill candida if yu eat a little everyday if you dont mind eating it. It clears up my bloat and flutuance and might even help with other things that are ailing your stomach or immune system.

--Just a quick bit of advice i read some where on the internet about a guy who said try probiotic drinks and i did try them and believe it or not the crawling has stopped but only if i drink 1 of these probiotic yogurt type drinks a day i must admit iknow they havent gone because i tried to stop taking the drinks for a week and the sensation was coming back

For everyone out there with my symptoms of crawling and biting then try those drinks it helped me the very 1st day i took one (I eat probiotic yogurt, everyday... And not the activia one, The Real probiotic ones that has like 6 or 7, not only bifidus.


My potassium level was really low so the dr put me on prescription strength potassium. it helps a lot but tends to make me sleepy. If I miss taking it I can tell it almost imediately.I also had stinging sensations all over. as long as I take it twice a day I don't have these symptoms. but if I miss it comes might want to check your potassium level too.


-an element found in wine that caused 0x.xx% people to react this way from some trace element. i drank wine, everyday. i really didnt think it could be so simple, but i quit drinking wine. within a month - it was gone. that was2 years ago. if i drink wine for 2-3 days in a row it comes back.

Fish Eggs

-try eating fish eggs. salmon eggs seem to work best for me and i stumbled across this by accident. we went out for sushi one night and i ended up getting about 5 orders of salmon eggs or IKURA in japanese... that's 2 pieces of sushi per serving. that night i was amazed how comfortable i was in bed. no feeling of 'bugs' or tingling while stumbling around bed. i slept like a baby! first i thought it might have been a b 12 deficiency but i tried eating steak and eggs consistently which didnt work. i ended up going to the local japanese shop and buying salmon eggs which can get a little expensive but it works like a charm i tell you.i also quit smoking and started swimming at the local pool which also helped. seriously people, try the salmon eggs, let me know how it goes! hope this helps everyone!


- I know this might sound crazy but the garlic, Ufff i think it works. Eating fresh garlic, or taking odorless organic garlic supplement daily seems to calm it a little. or @ least i belive it. Missed the gralic for a day or two and I would feel the difference. Is like a vampire myth. Really dont know how this works, it has to do with the PH of your body, and garlic is even stronger than antibiotics.

Black Walnut extract

I got Black Walnut extract (something like that, can't recall the whole name) and started taking that mixed with water a couple times a day. Also took some yeast cleanse capsules.

Ephedra tea

-I have ephedra tea, which I drink for sinus problems, colds, flu, etc. It is a potent antihistamine. When I drink a cup of that, all my symptoms disappear.

Chinese herbal detox/immunity boost tea

99 percent of all symptoms were gone after drinking Chinese herbal detox/immunity boost tea for just 7 days(purchased in Chinatown at a herbal medicine store). I also stopped drinking soda soft drinks (which are poison). We simply get toxins from drinks, fast food and air. And after that we begin to have all those feelings.

A Simple Plan

-A simple and natural way you can start which is what I'm doing at the moment is:

  1. Half an organic lemon with warm water first thing in the morning. (drink it through a straw so you don't damage teeth)
  2. A good probiotic half an hour later
  3. (Breakfast). I used greek yogurt low fat with ground flaxseed and berries.
  4. cut out sugar completely that includes sodas and fruit juices.
  5. Cut down on carbs & dairy (Cheese, milk etc).
  6. Drink lots of water (filtered)
  7. Try and have a clove of garlic a day.
  8. Instead of tea & coffee I now drink ginger root & herbal tea.
The lemon will alkaline your stomach and help your liver detox and clean your skin from inside out & you get a vitamin c boost first thing in the morning so you'll be able to fight the colds and flu better this winter. The probiotics & yogurt will increase your good bacteria The ground flaxseed will clean out your stomach.

If you do this within a week you'll have more energy your stress levels will drop your skin will feel great and its even cleared my acne. bonus.

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