Could it be the Environment? - Feels Like Bug Bites

This section looks at the environment that you live in. Is there mould in the room? Is there fungus? What is the condition of my water softener, dehumidifier, furnace, air conditioner, etc.. There could be things in your environment that your body is reacting to. It could be airborne, waterborne or physical contact. This section looks at your environment and things that you might not of thought of checking.


Carpets can be one of the most filthy places in your home. They trap dirt and the dirt slowly filters through to the bottom. When I replaced the carpet in my living room, I found that the installers installed the carpet right over the muddy footprints of the workers. There was even a broken coke bottle in a corner of the room that they just carpeted over!

.If you have carpet in your home, get it professionally cleaned or rent a powerful steam cleaner and give it a good cleaning. Ideally, if you can afford it, replace the carpet with linoleum or hardwood flooring which are cleanier and easier to keep clean. The nice part is that you can easily see when the floor is dirty.

Furnace and Ducting

The furnace distributes the air to your home. If the furnace is dirty and the furnace ducting is dirty, it could be spreading whatever is causing the feeling like bug bites all through the house. Replace the furnace filter, get your furnace cleaned and the furnace ducting cleaned by a professional furnace cleaners. They have the big vacuum trucks that can suck the dust and dirt out of the ducting.


Depending on where you live, you might have a humidifier or a dehumidifier. Both humidifiers and dehumidifiers have filters to clean the incoming air. Have you changed or cleaned the filters? Have you checked it to see if there is mold growing in there? When's the last time you cleaned it out? Clean it out with bleach to kill the mold or fungus that may be growing. If you can't clean them out, then you may have to buy a new unit. A lot of furnaces have a built-in humidifier.

I went home and for some reason decided to check my humidifier that is on every night in my room that me my fiance and daughter share. What do you know, it was infested with mold (like 3 inches thick). We didn't know about changing the filters so we have this humidifier on every night from bedtime until we wake up blowing these bacterial mold spores on us infested us and our room. It can also be in your air conditioner which was my next filter that I changed that had mold but not as bad or in your house (water leak). It all made sense now! My boys were not exposed to my room so they didn't have any symptoms but we did because it was directly on us throught the night and only building and getting worse (I now feel like I have respiratory problems due to this and only time will tell with my daughter). Bleach kills the suckers) and then took a bath with a little bleach and washed my body with a dandruff shampoo. I felt so cleased and slept like a baby.
Water Softeners

Have you checked your water softener to see if it is clean? That's another area that may be a source for mold or fungus to grow. It is highly unlikely as the basic operation of the water softener is to rinse itself weekly with a very strong saline solution. But like any other lead, it is worth checking. It could be the most un-expected source that is causing the symptoms!


Are your window frames and screens clean? Are the screens acting as dirty filters contaminating the "fresh" air with dirt, mold or fungus? Clean the windows, screens and frames so that the fresh air from outside stays fresh!

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are one of those devices that we just turn on and forget about. They need maintenance as they have washable air filters built-in that need to be cleaned periodically. Clean them in hot water and bleach to kill any mold or fungus growing in them.

As air conditioners work, they generate a lot of condensation that drains either outside or into a small bucket. Where's there's condensation and moisture, there's the chance that mold or fungus could be growing. Check your air conditioner and make sure that it is clean!


We use fans all the time to circulate air throughout our house. When's the last time that you cleaned one? Some fans have air filters but most don't. Fan blades are notorious for collecting dust and dirt. Must be some sort of static build up that attracts the dust bunnies to them. Make sure that you clean the fan blades by wiping them with a cloth soaked in a strong disinfectant solution.

I cleaned out the fan I used in my bedroom. I had wiped it clean and blown through the fan, releasing big clumps of dust that had built up in the fan over the years I had used it (not smart). When I turned on the fan again, clumps of that dust blew everywhere. I gathered them up and vaccuumed when it happened but I guess that wasn't enough. Remembering all of this had taken place the day before the itchy crawly skin started, I decided to unplug the fan and put it away. The next morning, I woke up and didn't feel any crawling on my skin and now I'm fine!
House Plants

No-one thinks that house plants can cause problems but they can if they are not cared for properly. House plants are supposed to make us better after all? The moist soil can be a great source for mold and fungus. Maybe there is even mold or fungus growing on the plants themselves. Check out your indoor garden and inspect to see how healthy your plants and the soil they live is.

On another note, could it be that the symptoms that you are having is an allergic reaction to one of your house plants? That would be quite un-expected!

Garbage Cans/Wast Paper Baskets

Every room has a garbage can in it. How often do you empty them? Have you ever gave them a good cleaning with hot soapy water and bleach? Maybe now's the time to do it. There's no telling what could be lurking in a container that is used to hold stuff we don't want!

Vacuuming and Dusting

Make sure that when you vacuum, you vacuum under the beds, furniture, behind doors and in the closets. If the source of your bug bites is coming from dust bunnies then make sure you find them all and vacuum them up. Leave "no stone unturned"!

Dusting is the same story, think like a dust bunny and find all those locations where they could hide: on top of dressers, shelves, bookcases, tops of picture frames, mirrors, door sills, window sills, etc...

Washing Floors

Often we overlook the fact that our floors can be pretty dirty. If your custom is to wear shoes in the house then you can expect that your floors have all sorts of dirt tracked in. It's time to get down and dirty and wash the floors. This is just one more thing to check off of your list of possible sources for the symptoms of feels like bug bites.

Your Transportation

Take a good look at your daily transportation, it could be a truck, a car, a van or a motorcycle. How clean is the inside of your means of transport? You could be getting a daily shot of something that is causing the symptoms every time you go for a ride. Get your vehicle professionally cleaned or if you can't afford it, do it yourself. Clean all of the glass, power clean the seats, floor matts and carpets.

Did you know that most vehicles have an passenger compartment air filter? It's not hard to change as most are located in a sub-compartment in the glove box. They should be changed at least once a year otherwise they can get moldy as they are subject to rain and picking up all sorts of nasty stuff.


Pets can be a source for the symptoms of feels like bugs biting in a number of ways. The first is that you might be allergic to your pet and not even know it! That would be such a shame.. Are your symptoms worse at home then away from home or away from your pet? Can you objectively rule out the idea that the feeling is caused by an allergic reaction to your pet?

The second way that pets can be affecting you is if they are bringing in contaniments that are causing the symptoms. Are your pets allowed to go outside and then wander around the home freely? They could be indirectly the cause of your afflication.

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