Other Remidies - Feels Like Bug Bites

This section presents alternative solutions that you may not of thought of for relief and a cure. It also points out areas in your home that could be sources of irritation.

Water softener

My problem began around the same time I did away with my old salt water softener and installed an electric water softener.

Furnace Filter

Consider changing the filter on your furnace to a hepa filter but be aware that your furnace efficiency will go drastically down if it was not made for a hepa filter.


Try whole house heating by a professional. they do it for bed bugs. You have to get the house to 120 degrees for 20 minutes so it will kill eveything. Do not try this on your own as you could burn down your home!

Ozone Treatment

If you are not chemically sensitive, Professional ozone treatments seem promising. There are services which will flood your house with ozone or you can get a small ozone generator.


Stress will suppress your immune system more and they will get worse.


"Watch that they don't infect your electronics. They seem to love them. I had to get rid of a couple of computers, mice and keyboards, because they were living in them."

I thought about this one and wondered what would be attracted and what would cause electronics to attract something that would affect us. The only thing that makes sense is that the equipment is generating static which attracts dust. I would think that it is the static that is the problem. Clean your electronics with a vacuum cleaner and keyboards with an air pressure gun. For the price of a keyboard, just replace it - it's probably dirty anyways!

Dry Brushing of the Skin

The reason I believe it will work, and is working for me is because when you dry brush you are doing two things, you are dislodging any males that may be roaming the surface, they may be able to cling on in the shower or bath but they will not stand up to a brush. Secondly you are brushing away the toxins that the female left behind, as well I should imagine the eggs, and possibly the females since while they are under the skin, they are still very close to the surface of the skin and that thin layer of skin is brushed away.

Dry brushing is done with a soft brush, you can you a natural fibre brush or synthetic, it doesn't really matter, but I believe synthetic could be better as the natural one could be too soft. There are two kinds of natural brushes, one has very stiff fibers which would be too harsh while the other kind has softer, flexible fibers. I am using a synthetic hair brush which is somewhere in between. Dry body brushing has been used for decades in Europe for its health benefits, see Parvo Ariola's book How to Get Well for more details. Anyway start at the feet or hands and work towards the heart, move the brush vigorously in circles but remember your trying to dislodge a mite that is only the size of a tiny piece of dust so you don't need to over do it. I have done this over my rashes and seen a vast improvement. Make sure you do your whole body, I wouldn't recommend brushing the face and neck though because the skin is a lot more fragile there, back of the neck is ok to brush but not the front. If your a guy I guess your skin is less fragile there so it may be ok. Vacume the floor after brushing.

Bug Zapper

The best solution I have found to make people aware that there is something there and that it really is biting you is to get one of those handheld paddle bug zappers. I found one for under $7 at the local big box store and have been rather revengefully zapping these creations of the netherworld for a bit now.The zapper I have found is harmless to anything other than the bugs, I put it directly on my skin, to my hair, etc and there is no issue with burning, etc. I also lay it directly on fabric, etc with no issue. I do probably over do it because if I feel the slightest thing I wand it as I do not want to take the chance and find out these nasty things can somehow mutate to be resistant to the zapper. The zapper does seriously zap so the sound is a bit unsettling when you do it to yourself, but almost therapeutic when you run it across the couch the first time. If you want to have real fun turn off the lights and do it, it is like a min fireworks display.

Lint Roller

One more great weapon is a lint roller. Especially when you feel them crawling on your face - probably doesnt work when they are biting (they get down into pores and hair follicles) but when they are walking around on your body a tape roller works great to scoop them up!

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