Symptoms - Feels Like Bug Bites

This section describes the different symptoms that have been described by others like yourself and is divided into:

  • Sensations - what does it feel like
  • When does it occur? What time of day?
  • Where does it occur? What part of your body?
  • At what age does it affect you? How old do you have to be?
  • Appearance: What does it look like?
  • Length of afflication: How long could you have it for?
  • Observations - things that individuals have noticed that don't add up.


The sensations listed here are from people like yourself and here's their own words that describe the feeling that they get when the bugs attack:

  • The sensation is it feels like there are "invisible bugs" crawling on, and/or biting my skin.
  • The sensation "goes away" once I touch the area (either itch it, brush at it as if there WAS a bug I am brushing off, slap it, or touch it in any way...)
  • Touch it and the itchiness goes away; but a few seconds later it appears somewhere else.
  • Crawling sensations, biting, and itching mostly at night.
  • consumed by nats that are entirely invisable
  • initially had a case of hives (my MD wasn't able to determine the cause of that) and later developed the itch/crawling skin symptoms, which have persisted.
  • Taking out a matress out of my store room and slept on it for like an hour. Immediately i could feel those damn sensation; crawling; moving around; but not that itching;; up and down all over your body.
  • Even a small tingling struck on my skin could wake my conscious up for as long as 5 minutes.
  • Something else? yeast infection? sore bumps in my armpits only and it also felt like my throat glands were bigger as well as my armpit glands. the glands/armpit bumps went away but now it feels like the bugs are goin into my ears and into my nose and now they feel like there going into my anus and i have to use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the stinging and intense itching in that area plus i still have them all over my body to.
  • crawling in my nose, mouth and eyes at night when I go to bed.
  • every time i lay down i feel a crawling sensation, if i itch it touch it whatever it goes away, no bites... nothing, im thinking its baby bed bugs (nymphs). or just stress.
  • more noticeable when my body gets warm ( at work or in bed) but it is present almost all the time.
  • It's just when my mind is idle I get thoughts and images in my head of this happening.
  • @ Nights it cranks up a notch, or maybe in midnight the bug/crawling sensation machine is turn on HIGH level. When the lights are out, it kicks in more. If alot of ventilation is put, Fans, AC ect. the feeling is better. I sleep almost next to the ac vent. plus a fan ventilating other area. i sleep with my sheets almost covering my whole body, like a "burrito" or worm. Facing down, long sleave shirt, only skin exposed is head, hears and neck. The sensation hits the uncoverd areas mostly, but also below the sheets.
  • This whole thing started as a buzz(noise). @ First i thought they were mosquitos.
  • Having sensitive skin, you can feel anything that is abnormal to your touch. Lint, Fuzz, speck of dirt, your sweaty hair. Being in a still position you can focus on every part of your body. Every chemical compound, every piece of dust, every harmless substance is setting of alerts to your brain. Why didn't you learn to control this when you where younger? What brought the sudden change in your life that made you become so affected? Your mind has other things to worry about then what these little signals mean. So whats the simplest answer your brain can give you? What would you think was on you? Something you want to get rid of right? SO your brain tells you bugs are crawling on you. I can't but help to believe my brain. Crazy I tell you...Crazy.
  • When the weather cooled it seemed to be less active. I started taking B complex 100, Calcium/Magnesium tablets, D-3 and folic acid and garlic oil tablets. I also found that if the vitamins were mixed with fillers they didn't work.I've been able to stop the symptoms unless I forget to take them for a couple of days. It seems to me that my gut isn't absorbing vitamins and minerals like it used to, I have to take the above on a daily basis to keep the parethesia away. Is it caused by plastics, I used to heat food in the microwave in plastics, have since stopped but I don't know what could have caused this
  • dry yet oily skin, most itch, none are poppable and they all last forever... When I brush my hair my pores harden and it's like the bristles are scraping my scalp
  • I have experienced EXACTLY as you describe and have done for YEARS n years. one second its inside my ear... then my finger... toe... leg... inside my mouth... up my nose a LOT... all is incredibly itchy and my hands are desperately scratching here there here there constantly... mainly un bed. if I'm frustrated also... it happens more.
  • it feels like ALL the hair on my body is moving like insects crawling all over it.

When does it occur?

Is there a specific time of day or year that it occurs? When you are doing something? Here's what others say:

  • always when I lay down. Only in my house.
  • Occurs more at night, while laying down than any other time.
  • mainly bothers me in bed.
  • only active at night and like bed bugs can travel with you when you move
  • Worse at night and during "quiet times" (I guess when I'm more likely to be aware of the sensations)
  • Starts in the spring time (we live in Minnesota), and seems to end in the summer when we crank the A/C, or for sure ends in the fall/winter when it gets colder outside

Where does it occur? What part of your body?

Here's what contributors reported when they felt the symptoms:

  • occurs throughout my entire body, no area is exempt from this sensation, and it seems to be completely random, at times I'll feel it on my arm, then my face, then leg, then arm again, etc, no pattern.
  • around my ears/back of neck, upper shoulder area/ on my face, which drives me crazy -on my leg, foot, arm (it's intermittent)can't sleep much any more,
  • sore bumps in my armpits only and it also felt like my throat glands were bigger as well as my armpit glands.
  • bugs are goin into my ears and into my nose and now they feel like there going into my anus
  • in my nose, mouth and eyes
  • one second its inside my ear... then my finger... toe... leg... inside my mouth... up my nose a LOT...
  • ALL the hair on my body

At what age does it affect you? How old do you have to be?

While the exact cause of the symptoms may be different, people have reported that it can affect you at all ages. The earliest age of the people who contributed to this information was 12 years old and the oldest reported age was 56 years. Most people didn't disclose their age. A few families displayed the symptoms included babies and young children.


This is what people have reported the physical appearance to look like.

  • no sores, visible worms etc
  • The bites look like bumps which I'm told are bed bug, but the other bites are indentented like a small chunk of skin is gone.
  • left the tiniest faintest dots behind on occasion, tiny red dots across my chest, belly, and upper arms that never went away
  • Dry Skin
  • random bumps that vary in size, color and feel... Some are the size of pencil tip and bright red, others a little bigger and a different shade of red, spots that resemble bites and hurt
  • bumps almost like insect bites in my scalp, usually the back of the head.
  • unexplained rash on both of my ankles for about a year straight... nothing worked on it, LOOKED horrendous, like I had some kind of terrible disease, and left scars on my ankles.

Length of afflication: How long could you have it for?

From those afflicted, it's been reported to last from 1 week, 3 years, 5 months, almost 7years, 14 weeks and 15 years. Some have reported that it comes and goes.


These are comments about things that individuals have noticed that don't add up.

  • Whats really strange is, i live with my youngest daughter and she claims she doesn't have the sensation.
  • I share bed with family member, so why they don't get scabies?
  • I sleep on a leather couch and sit in a leather office chair at my computer. Both places it seems the sensation is worse. But others sit there and don't seem effected by the sensation. Overall the more still you are the more this sensation seems worse, sleeping, resting, sitting etc. Talking a shower give relief for about 10-15 minutes afterwords then its back. My girlfriend sleeps in the same bed and doesn't seem to get as much itching as me but it is also affecting her.
  • They are all over my home, car and cubicle at work. It seems I am the only one who feels them.
  • When I am away from my home I do not feel these sensations. I have all my clothes in plastic bags.
  • I don't get this when i go elsewhere so it is definitely something in my apartment.
  • i still see the poeple around me scratching at usual places,eyes, nose and ears,arms... I went to a GP for different matter and she was touching her nose,eyes constantly...
  • The thing is, this is kind of like tinnitus. (Ringing in the ears). People with tinnitus hear ringing, and probably initially try to find out what around them is ringing - a lightbulb about to burn out perhaps, a radio left on static, a water pipe with a high pitched whine - but they soon discover the ringing isn't in the room, it's in their ears. Their ears are creating the sensation of sound, where there is no sound in the room that is being processed - although for all the world, that's what it feels like to the person with the condition. nobody is saying your perception of crawling skin is a "made up disease", but rather, a neurological condition similar to tinnitus. And at this point, I think doctors AND patients of people who perceive bugs are crawling on their skin are both equally frustrated - but somehow, people with tinnitus seem very willing to acknowledge there is no actual sound in the room that could be discovered and dealt with. It's their ears sending a signal of sound to their brains. The same with this crawling.

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