Feels Like Bug Bites

You've come to this website because you're being bitten to death by invisible bugs. You've been to countless Doctors, told friends and family and still no one believes you and the cures that they suggest, just don't work. They think that you are crazy and you feel like you are going crazy from all the itching and scratching. It is particularly painful at night and you are having trouble sleeping and resting. Also, you might be spending all of your time and energy, cleaning and fighting the bugs.

What you are feeling is real, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There are many people who have the same symptoms that you are experiencing and have contributed their experience in fighting and overcoming this horrible afflication. You can get better and get back to normal again. Don't give up hope as this website will help you find relief or even a cure for what ails you.

First some background, I am not a doctor and do not have a medical background. I do have a strong scientific background and a career based on troubleshooting. And most importantly, I had a friend who was being bitten to death by invisible bugs. This is my way of helping my friend and contributing back to the Internet for all the help that I have personally received throughout the years.

The information on this site has been provided by many individuals, like yourself, who have experienced and suffered the horrible feeling of being eatened alive by bugs. I have only researched, categorized and displayed their stories in a logical manner to help you find out how to:

  1. Identify the source of the bites, rashes and discomfort.
  2. Find solutions for relief.
  3. Find a cure!
You have already found some things that provide temporary or marginal relief - keep doing those things until you find a better solution. Keep in mind that because we are biochemical beings, everyone is different . Some solutions or relief remedies will work for one person and may not work for another. There are lots of things to read and try on this website, most are simple adjustments and all are freely available. This site is here to help you have a better life.

Feels Like Bug Bites

There are many sources for the "feels like bug bites" symptom ranging from some sort of insect, to allergic reaction, to your living environment, to medical conditions, and even to your diet. The feeling is so strong that there are invisible bugs crawling and biting you that who wouldn't believe it? Especially when every bit of your mind and body tells you so! Don't close your mind to some of the other solutions presented here. Isn't it worth your effort and peace of mind to try everything possible to get your life back?

Determining what is causing this unbearable sensation is the first step. Is it bugs? Is it an allergic reaction? Is it the environment that you live in? Is it your medicine? Is it your diet? You are the only one who can determine this. You will have to read and test the solutions provided within this website to find out what works for you.

I wish that I could say that you will find a relief or a cure immediately, unfortunately you most likely will not. You will have to experiment and it may takes days, weeks or even months (hopefully not!) to identify the problem and find a relief or a cure that is applicable to your situation. The good news is that this website provides solutions that you may not of thought of.

This website is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Symptoms

    This section describes the different symptoms that have been described by others like yourself and is divided into:

    • Sensations - what does it feel like
    • When does it occur? What time of day?
    • Where does it occur? What part of your body?
    • At what age does it affect you? How old do you have to be?
    • Appearance: What does it look like?
    • Length of afflication: How long could you have it for?
    • Observations - things that individuals have noticed that don't add up.
  2. Causes

    This section discusses many different documented sources for the symptom of feels like invisible bugs biting and is divided into the following sections:

    • Bugs - this section covers: scabies, mites, Lyme disease, parasites and more
    • Medical Condition - this section covers medical conditions such as nerve damage, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, folliculitis, candidasis, dermatitis, impetigo, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and more...
    • Allergies - this section discusses how to determine if it is an allergic reaction and what substances have caused the "feels like bug bites" sensation.
    • Stress/Anxiety - this webpage discusses the topic that nobody wants to hear: "Am I crazy?". Well you're not! But there can be psychological problems that can make you more suspectible to physical ailments.
    • Environment - This section looks at the environment that you live in. Is there mould in the room? Is there fungus? What is the condition of my water softener, dehumidifier, furnace, air conditioner, etc..
    • Supplements - Often we take supplements to make us better, what if those supplements were actually hurting us and causing the symptoms?
  3. Cures/Relief

    This section documents the cures and relief that others, like yourself, have found. It is important to realize that everyone is unique and not all solutions presented here will work for you. You will have to systematically test and determine which are appropriate for you.

    • Supplements/Diet - this section looks at supplements and diet that can help reduce and stop the feeling of being bitten by invisible bugs.
    • Laundry - this webpage discusses laundry methods that others have used to clean their clothes and bedding.
    • House Cleaning - this webpage looks at methods people have successfully used to clean their house
    • Other Remedies - this section presents alternative solutions that you may not of thought of for relief and a cure.
    • Chemicals - This section discusse the many dangerous chemicals (pesticides/insecticides/lotions) that can be used to kill an insect if that is indeed the problem. I strongly caution you when using these chemicals and I suggest that you try this only after you've tried the less potentially harmful methods listed previously. You are a biochemical being, exposing yourself to chemicals that are meant to kill other living things is dangerous. If you do it repeatibly over a long period of time, you risk serious chemical poisoning that may damage your brain and body and make the situation worse.

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